The following working papers are currently under review or are works in progress.

"Mobilization and Counter-Mobilization: The Mixed Effects of Campaign Visits in the 2016 Presidential Election" (with Brenton D. Peterson and Jordan Carr Peterson) - resubmitted to The Journal of Politics.

"Black-and-Tans vs. Lily-Whites: Measuring the Racial Composition of Republican Party Organizations in the South after Reconstruction, 1868-1952" (with Jeffery A. Jenkins) - revise and resubmit at Studies in American Political Development.

"What's Your Excuse? Effects of Personal and Political Justifications for Flip-Flopping" (with Daniel Folsom and Emily Sydnor) - under review.

"Natural Disasters, 'Partisan Retrospection.' and U.S. Presidential Elections" (with Brenton D. Peterson and Jeffery A. Jenkins).

"Revisiting the Effect of Campaign Visits with Synthetic Controls: William Jennings Bryan and the 1896 Campaign" (with Brenton D. Peterson).